Archive Photographs of Newcastle Breweries

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54M21 JH Porter 54M148 JH Porter 54C117 JH Porter

54C125 John Barras Jnr
54C128 TW Lovibond

54M92 TW Lovibond

54M97 Barras Ramsey Reed

54C53 Brewers &  Maltsters
54M95 Col Sir Chas John Reed

54M99 Tyne Brewery 1884

54M74 Tyne Brewery 1884

54M105 Tyne Brewery 1884

54M37 Steam Wagon

54M77 Horse & Cart

54M66 Raking barley

54M73 2 Horse dray

54M80 Haymarket Workers

54M81 1st Blue Star Drays

54M142 War comes to NBL

54M70 Dray & Snow
54M65 Mash Tuns 54M64 Cask Filling

54M76 Cask Cellar

54M82 Cask washing / Steaming

54M18 1928 Bottling Girls 1
54M17 1928 Bottling Girls 2

54M69 Bottle Inspections

54M19 Bottling hall

54M68 Bottling hall

54M67 Bottling Hall Fillers
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